Advent of Code 2017! Ongoing solutions and explanations

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Just a short post to share that I started a github repository of my Advent of Code 2017 Solutions, as I write them!

I also am including my reflections and explanations on my solutions, explaining my thought processes and how the solutions work.

Yes I definitely spent a bit too much time writing the executable, which is an automated (cached) downloader, test suite runner (on sample inputs), and benchmark suite.

I originally was only going to casually try the problems (like I did last year), but I hit a decent global rank by accident on Day 4 (which was very suited for Haskell!), and since then I’ve been taking things seriously to try to aim for the global leaderboard (top 100). This is a struggle for me because I’m not really the fastest algorithm person, but I think it’s a fun goal for me to try to hit this year.

Wish me luck! And if you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late to join in the fun! glguy has been maintaining the semi-official Haskell Leaderboard (join code 43100-84040706) – come join us!

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