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Throughout my time programming and developing, I’ve noticed that there are few legitimately useful sources of practical and beneficial knowledge on the subject on the internet. There are good books. There is Stack Overflow. And there are the blogs.

I’ve probably learned more useful information from blogs than I have from nearly any other source — from small things like how to fix that compile error on ffmpeg or teaching me my first steps in learning tools I now use every day like git. From blogs I’ve learned not just small things that help me here and there, but also the building blocks that I have to thank for allowing me to learn so much of what I know now.

In addition to these, blogs are the theatre of many gifted essayists, who are always enthusiastic to share their insight from the deeper aspects of what programming actually means, and their roles in the construction of the world we live in today.

Having worked on my fair share of projects, I’ve accumulated some meager, humble practical knowledge from the field over these short years. So this is my opportunity to finally give back. My hope is first to fill in all of those small holes in knowledge that happen to slip through and can sometimes only be found with the perfect google search. Second to share a bit of my discoveries along my journeys in development and any relevant insights from my studies that may be useful to others. Third, to share any mature open source projects I’m working on that may be of use to the world. And forth, to maybe shine some light on greater themes that I have noticed when looking back on things.

It’s also been said that blogs are a good way for someone to help themselves organize their thoughts and kind of put them all together. Maybe if I log my progress on projects as I go along, I can look back and refer to them later. And maybe — just maybe — they can be useful to other humans.

So anyways, this is it. Welcome to in Code!

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